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I believe in the importance of timeless images—images that narrate stories. Most people will say a wedding will always be a wedding, but for me it doesn’t hurt to pause a little bit, rethink and feel, and do something out of the basic or ordinary. I believe in the “revolutionary” and contemporary way of shooting weddings—that is the mix of both photojournalistic and editorial style, minimalistic, discreet, yet full of attention. There’s no excuse for me to miss the key and emotional moments of the day. My aim is  to compose and frame these events that results to a beautiful photograph not just a captured moment.

I believe in quality over quantity, thus I am not here to shoot endlessly. I prefer to be careful on what is happening in front of me and give greater attention to details and events to be able to capture a beautiful moment that will translate to a beautiful image.

Your wedding day is a monumental event in your life, and I think you both deserve more than just a reportage of the day that is plainly laid out. Some things will always be timeless by itself, and your wedding photos should be one of them.


It’s not about taking sides on whether I have photojournalistic style or portraiture style. I use both in my routine and I believe that each have its own strengths when practiced at a certain event or moment. I am honest and will give directions and share my ideas to get the better coverage. Below is my routine on a full day of shooting. You’ll see that I sometimes step out of the moments and shoot from behind, observe the events and capture the reality, and sometimes I step in, give directions, and take charge of everything. 

During the bride and groom preparation, I normally arrive 30 mins earlier. I go around the location, take a few photos, and scout nice spots. While the bride/groom is getting ready, this is where I step back a little bit. I shoot from the background and let the moments happen,  these moments are best captured candidly. I also style and shoot all the details that you have — accessories, stationeries, wedding dress, shoes, buttoniers, and all that knick knacks and DIYs you’ve. In case the bride and groom are not in the same location during their preparation, I normally bring my husband (who takes amazing photos too by the way) with me to capture the groom getting ready. 

At the ceremony, there will be no posing. This is the solemn moment of yours, so I let the events unfold by itself and I’ll be there to capture them. During family portraits, here comes a little bit of directives from me, from guiding to composing you to try to create a  non-boring family portrait. However I strongly suggest you to minimise the list to ten small  (8-13 individuals) groups.

During the portrait session I am much more directive but I love doing it in natural and fun way as I don’t want you both to not put your personality upfront during the shoot. Some situation, I understand that it’s difficult to be comfortable in front of the camera, but I love and I try hard to help my couples to be at ease, and simply enjoy the moment or day. I normally do this during the golden hour for a more pleasing end result.

Overall, my main focus are the genuine moments created by the main actors and co-actors, as well as every little details present. I aim to capture the energy of the day and evoke hidden emotions and laughter that strives in creating fine and timeless images that speaks about your character and your day, and will rekindle memories every time you watch them.


If you think I’m a perfect fit for your wedding day and want me to be the one to capture it, please feel free to get in touch to discuss the details and your plans or schedule a Skype meeting. For more of my works, you may check out my GALLERIES and my latest BLOG posts. In case you have some common questions left unanswered, you may refer to the FAQ page.

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