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Tell me about a little bit about your love story. How did you meet? How did your partner proposed?

We met during our studies in Zurich where we began our journey together. Throughout the years, we were separated several times by long distances, steadily increasing our hope that these distances will become less in our future together. Most recently we were reunited in Singapore, where we now live together. Patrick proposed as the sun was setting on one of South East Asia’s beautiful beaches. 

Why did you choose this wedding location?  

Endless conisderations were made in finding the right location for our wedding, it now becomes difficult to describe which consideration outweighed another. We were looking for an elegant, romantic, yet natural and intimate setting. We also wanted to celebrate in a place where the weather is warmer as we are used to from our home countries. We found the Domaine de la Baume a wonderful balance of everything we were looking for this special day.

What is the most memorable or your most favourite event/moment on your wedding day?

We were very lucky to have had such a beautiful day. Having our family and closest friends in one place, enjoying themselves and celebrating together with us, creating a wonderful atmosphere. The joy with which we were congratulated outside the church, the laughs, good conversations, the thoughtful speeches and wishes, the dancing late into the night and last but not least, those special moments we had just for the two of us. We took with us countless beautiful memories which we will treasure on our future adventures.


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These two lovely couple, Polina & Ramin had a vibrant destination wedding in Aix-en-Provence mixing their beautiful roots of Persian and Russian through their wedding ceremony surrounded by their closest families and friends. I also had the pleasure to photograph their family holiday in the French Riviera last year.. A beautiful mix of culture, minimalist decorations, and notable details such as their wedding ring made by a master jeweller in Kabul at Turquoise Mountain using rough cut emeralds from the Panshir Valler in Afghanistan. So in love with this wedding!


russianpersiandestinationwedding03 - chateau dmaya maréchal - destination wedding photographer - chateau drussianpersiandestinationwedding - cobalt blue shoesrussianpersiandestinationwedding04polina-ramin-mariage-32-of-167russianpersiandestinationwedding05russianpersiandestinationwedding06russianpersiandestinationwedding07russianpersiandestinationwedding09russianpersiandestinationwedding08russianpersiandestinationwedding10polina-ramin-mariage-60-of-167russianpersiandestinationwedding11russianpersiandestinationwedding12russianpersiandestinationwedding13russianpersiandestinationwedding14polina-ramin-mariage-37-of-115russianpersiandestinationwedding15russianpersiandestinationwedding17russianpersiandestinationwedding16maya maréchal - destination wedding photographer - europe and balimaya maréchal - destination wedding photographer - europe and balimaya maréchal - destination wedding photographer - europe and balimaya maréchal - destination wedding photographer europe persian and russian wedding ceremony in provence - destination wedding photographer - persian and russian wedding ceremony in provence - destination wedding photographer - bride and groom kissbride and groom exit - people clappingrussianpersiandestinationwedding24russianpersiandestinationwedding25russianpersiandestinationwedding29polina-ramin-mariage-75-of-78russianpersiandestinationwedding26russianpersiandestinationwedding27russianpersiandestinationwedding33russianpersiandestinationwedding30russianpersiandestinationwedding28russianpersiandestinationwedding31russianpersiandestinationwedding32russianpersiandestinationwedding34polina-ramin-mariage-42-of-87russianpersiandestinationwedding35polina-ramin-mariage-55-of-87russianpersiandestinationwedding36polina-ramin-mariage-57-of-87polina-ramin-mariage-78-of-87russianpersiandestinationwedding37polina-ramin-mariage-15-of-87polina-ramin-mariage-19-of-87

Venue: Chateau d’Alpheran Aix-en-Provence | H&MU: Louise Merlet | Bride’s gown: Christina Sfez | Floral Design: Laurent Hournon | Wedding Rings: Javid Noori | Groom’s attire: Hugo Boss | Band: Gala Swing Quartet

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A few words from Sarah on their engagement:

3 years on we were holidaying in Crete, Waleed had hired a private boat to take us around some of the island, after some swimming we ended our lovely afternoon boat trip watching the sun setting over the Island and just as the sun was about to set Waleed pointed at something in the sea asking what it was, as I looked to see what he was pointing at I couldn’t see anything and turned back round to find him on one knee holding a beautiful engagement ring and with a huge smile on his face he asked me to marry him… Of course I said yes!

On the most memorable moment on their wedding day:

For me the most memorable parts of the day were walking down all those stairs to the alter and fighting back the tears, I was very emotional but also so excited to be marrying my rock, my best friend and my soul mate (I was also very relieved to make it down all those steps with out falling haha). I really loved all the speeches, they were so funny and light hearted, I know it’s not tradition but I’m so happy I asked my bridesmaid to make a speech, she was amazing, plus the clouds completely cleared and the sun came out which was the cherry on the cake! Another memorable moment was the fireworks; my husband had organised them with out me knowing – It was a fantastic surprise and just showed me what a great man I’d just married!

For Waleed his memorable moments were me coming down the stairs (he admitted he even teared up), he also said the fireworks too – He loved seeing my confused/surprised reaction when he started gathering everyone outside and then the fireworks began to go off!

Venue: Chateau La Gorce | Bride’s gown: Stella York | Bridesmaid dresses: Mark Lesley | Wedding Planner: Anna Holmes | Groom’s attire: French Connection

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