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I started with the wedding world in the videography field. I was a second shooter and an assistant editor. It was a different point of view, you always see things hours ahead during the wedding day or even before. You don’t think about the images alone, but you equally prioritise the audio as well. It somehow felt consuming and I didn’t find myself dreaming further about it, so I stopped and dived into photography. It was intimidating at first because of the saturated market. But with all my experiences with videography, I knew I wasn’t anyone less and I knew I can make it. I would say it honed me a lot. Perhaps I didn’t become a good videographer, but it made me a better photographer. It was a training ground full of experiences and learnings that I carry with me all along. It taught me to have keen eyes. It made me insightful about it. Shifting from videography to photography—I strongly think it is my edge compared to the rest.

Nevertheless, photography is not a stranger to me. I have always loved it, I have always had a camera with me everywhere I go. It’s like a good old friend who became the love of your life. I never really had the thought that I will be living with it and I can’t be happier with this brilliant choice. As a lover of life and love, I am very happy to be someone who document people’s celebrations of it, in so many ways. Photography is simply freedom for me. A freedom to create and express what I couldn’t say with words. It is soothing and fulfilling. Oh, the beauty of stills, it screams like an innocent soul.

Withal, my work is heavily influenced by editorial style, and is inspired by nature, street style, music, fashion, and the burning desire to travel. I genuinely aim to capture the day with an artful approach. Kindling hidden emotions and laughter that strives in creating fine and timeless images that would become family heirlooms for generations. (Read further about my philosophy and shooting style)

My name is Maya, and I’m a boutique wedding, lifestyle, and editorial photographer currently residing in the beautiful and vibrant Provence with my lovely husband and our two adorably cute dogs. Beyond the big day, I share the same love photographing spaces, faces, street style, and still life. I love what I do, and feel very lucky to do it.

If you find yourself inclined on what I do and would love to work with me, shoot me an email on hellolmvisual@gmail.com.

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